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Fri, Oct. 10th, 2008, 09:22 am
And the prize for best pub toilet graffiti EVER goes to...

...the Hamiton's Hall in Liverpool Street for:

"Make me your tit-pig"

Wed, Jul. 23rd, 2008, 04:41 pm
The thin bluebell line..

This saturday found me gazing at the rolling fields and leafy vistas of the Sussex countryside as they slid sedately past the wooden framed window of my carriage aboard a steam train on the Bluebell Railway.

All aboard...Collapse )

Tue, Mar. 18th, 2008, 08:45 pm
Birthday plans...

Hi All,

As you know from some sporadic, hazy text messages I've sent recently, in a bizarre moment of (undoubtedly) alcohol fuelled madness I decided to (dis)organize some kind of birthday celebration this year.

Incredibly, I've actally managed to finalise some kind of plan, which includes a meal, followed by some drinks and then a trip to the Vagabonds night in the barrowbow and banker pub, next to London Bridge station.

Of course you're invited to all of this, but perhaps some people might want to just go to the meal, others may want to skip the meal and just go to the nightclub, and some may just want to avoid me completely, for as long as is humanly possible, all of which I can totally understand.

So, down to business. The restaurant is the Rainforest Cafe, on Shaftesbury avenue, right next to the Trocadero.


The website has menus on it, so there are plenty of excuses to get out of this bit! Contrary to what I may have told some of you, we'll have to be there for 4:50pm. This is because they don't take bookings for parties of more than 8 on a saturday (yes I know, I'm an optimist), and the only way to guarantee a table is to "walk in" before 5. This does mean we may have to wait half an hour or so, but I'm sure we can find a nearby pub, or wait in the rainforest bar, or possibly even get Alan to scare some small children from their tables so we can go straight in.

So, after we've eaten, we'll head over to London Bridge for the club. Depending upon the time I guess we could pop into a pub or two on the way. I was going to play this bit by ear (read: "I've managed to organise the meal, what else do you expect of me??"), and seeing as the night starts at 9, and is itself in a pub, we could just go straight there..


So that's it. Given that I don't have to book the table, there's no real need for anyone to confirm they are coming, but if you can, please tell me so I can look forward to it all the more!

P.S. OMG - I just made a livejournal post!!